Vaccination rates of Australian children reach 95%

Vaccination rates of Australian children reach 95%

Vaccination rates of Australian children reach 95%

Vaccination rates of Australian children reach 95%. The number of fully immunized Australian children has reached a record high, with about 95% vaccinated against deadly diseases.

New data for the March quarter showed that immunization rates for all five-year-olds were 94.78%, compared to 94.67% for the December quarter.

The coverage rate for five-year-old Aboriginal children was 96.66%, exceeding the national figure.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Sunday that vaccination saves and protects lives, and that it is important to continue to promote the benefits of vaccines.

“The latest figures show that the vast majority of parents are listening to the message about the benefits of vaccines, and I’m delighted that our public health campaigns and vaccination programs are protecting all Australians,” he said.

Australia has vaccination rates for major children worldwide. The latest figures were well above the 85% global vaccination coverage.

Immunization rates also continued to rise among children aged one, two and five, and Victoria and Tasmania were above the national rate.
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Vaccination rates of Australian children reach 95% and more

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