Major crackdown against money laundering soon

Major crackdown against money laundering soon

Major crackdown against money laundering soon

Major crackdown against money laundering soon. Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government will now launch a total crackdown on money laundering. and fill gaps left by the previous ruling elite to commit crimes.

Speaking after the National Assembly approved 107 additional grants in various ministries, divisions and departments on the last day of Saturday’s budget session, he said that the main reason for the increase in Pak Rupee’s devaluation was money laundering mainly because of the decision of the elite in the past. “How to prevent others from laundering money when members of the government are involved in this illegal practice?” He asked.

The prime minister said that during the last four or five years, Pakistani properties in Dubai had reached $ 5 billion, while there were reports that Pakistani residents kept $ 10 billion abroad. . He added that Asif Ali Zardari had also taken foreign currency from Pakistan through the Omni group. Mentioning Hudaibiya Paper Mills and Hill Metal, he asked how the opposition leader, himself a money launderer, could talk about the devaluation of Pak’s rupee.

Major crackdown against money laundering soon imran khan said in press confrence

His detractors have been harshly criticized, claiming that those who called him “prime minister” had signed an NRO with a military dictator to hide his corruption and had been manufactured in the incubators of military dictators. He added that Murad Saeed quoted former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in his autobiography that said former military leader Pervez Musharraf had been asked to drop charges of corruption. Members of the current opposition.

The Americans worked together to get the National Reconciliation Order signed (NRO) because they were interested, Khan said, restoring the facts. “The person who signed the NRO with Musharraf to hide his corruption now uses the word” selected, “he said, adding that Asif Zardari had also sent money abroad through Hundi and Hawala, without naming Shahbaz Sharif, Khan said that He also used the word “selected”, while they were also made in the dictator’s nurseries.

The Prime Minister thanked the armed forces and the army chief of staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, for voluntarily freezing the defense budget, despite the tense situation on the eastern borders and in the line of control.

“General Bajwa has suggested that the defense budget savings be dedicated to the development and recovery of Balochistan and Fata,” Imran said with thunderous applause from Treasury bankers. Khan said the current government has taken special measures in the budget to curb unbalanced development in the past and develop areas left by development.

He said that when the PTI government took power, he inherited a current deficit of $ 19.5 billion and there was a contraction of the dollar in the country. “It is a fact, the rate of the dollar rises when there is a shortage in the country and when there is a current deficit,” he added. He asked how politicians accused of corruption and the plundering of public funds could deliver speeches before this assembly of representatives of public opinion.

“How can a person who has faced billions of dollars in rupees for corruption in the last 30 years lead the Public Accounts Committee, which is responsible for protecting public interests?”

He regretted that the last legislature passed a bill that allows a leader, disqualified by the Supreme Court, to direct a political party.

Imran congratulated his party and his ministers, the main whip and his allies for their participation in the budget session, saying that quality speeches had been delivered by the Treasury. Imran especially thanked the Minister of State for Revenues, Hammad Azhar, for conducting the budget session and his calm during the debates. “He emerged as a young leader and won the place of federal minister,” he said.

The Prime Minister was pleased to see that the budget had been adopted despite the great slogans of the opposition and despite the efforts of a politician who had encouraged opposition parties to overthrow the government. He asked how those who left a current record deficit could question the current government. He stated that the government was saving.


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