Instagram to warn users before deleting their accounts

Instagram to warn users before deleting their accounts

Instagram decided to strengthen its moderation policies and added a new alert that will warn people who violate the rules when their account is about to be removed, The Verge reported.

Users will be sent a history of the posts, comments and stories that were removed from their account, and they will be informed why they were deleted.

The change will help clarify to users why they are in trouble and should eliminate the impact of suddenly discovering that their account has disappeared. Instagram’s policy has been to ban users from posting a certain percentage of violated content, but now it will ban people from repeatedly violating their policies.

Last week, the social networking site went into action against online harassment and announced a unique feature in which people can “ban the shadow” or “restrict” a stalker to not comment on their posts.

The social networking site said it will use artificial intelligence to eradicate insults, shame and disrespect.

In a press release, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri wrote that the first tests showed that the features encouraged “some people to undo their comments and share something less hurtful once they had the opportunity to reflect.”

This movement gives people the opportunity to reflect and undo their comments and prevents the recipient from receiving notification of harmful comments.

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