Gmail will soon fix its poor quality grammar using AI

Gmail will soon fix its poor quality grammar using AI

Google will soon improve Gmail’s grammar correction with the help of artificial intelligence, the company announced Tuesday.

When you start composing a message, Gmail will use Google’s artificial intelligence capabilities to offer smarter spelling suggestions and also detect possible grammar problems.

You no longer have to manually click on “check spelling” in the compose window for Gmail to analyze your email. Instead, the red lines appear below spelling errors and the blue lines will be below what Gmail perceives as grammatical errors.

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You can later accept the suggestion provided by clicking on the word. If you make a common spelling mistake when writing, Gmail will automatically correct it.

For now, the autocorrect feature is currently only available in English. This feature will be enabled by default for all users.

If you do not want to receive Gmail assistance for spelling or grammar, you can disable each of them individually in the settings.

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